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Internationalization (i18n) tools suite for Angular

Internationalization is important for your business

But at the same time doing it right is hard and requires a lot of work. We get it, we have worked on multiple i18n products including ngx-translate and Angular i18n. We know that i18n is a business in itself, but it is probably not your business.

Stop wasting time on translations and simplify your processes. Focus on what makes your product great, and let us handle the rest.

Locl is a package of tools and services for Angular to help you with Internationalization:

  • A library built upon ivy runtime i18n that includes:
    • Runtime translations (one build for all locales)
    • Template & code translations
    • Router integration (prefetching, lazy loading, caching and localized urls)
  • Testing module and helpers
  • Support for new formats (json, po, ...)
  • VS Code extension
  • Chrome extension
  • Translation tool (application and website)
  • Migration from ngx-translate